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寒冬执勤遇流浪小狗“求助” 成都辅警小哥伸援手 

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  "It's difficult to find the police." Huang Peng, the assistant police officer who is on duty for more than 4 months at the intersection, can meet all kinds of help for help almost every day. But this time is different, in the cold, a dirty dog ran to Chengdu Shuncheng Street intersection, a poor Huang Peng is on duty to "help", was "black", keep him along the road to work.
  Wait until after eating and drinking, and to assist police who as a small attendant...... And this scene, happened to be taken by the citizens of the road and spread to the Internet, from the curious and praise of a number of netizens.
  In January 22nd, the WCC - cover news reporter linked to the party Huang Peng, enthusiastic Chengdu Branch police four police brother.
  At first, he thought he was a neighborhood dog, but he didn't find his owner after work. "Some residents say it's a nearby wandering dog, and I just want to have a dog. Now that it's so, I'll adopt it. " Huang Peng said.
  I find warmth in Chengdu in winter
  As the temperature went down, the night of Chengdu became very frozen. Recently, a "Chengdu traffic police to help the stray dog" post in a number of citizens of the micro-blog, WeChat circles.
  Post said that in January 20th, it coincides with the solar term especially low night temperature, Chengdu. In Chengdu city streets and Renmin Road intersection, "a stray dog always follow a traffic police uncle, may be cold or hungry, in to the police uncle for help." Even, waiting for the traffic police to work and go into the cold wind. Not long after the post is published, it is forwarded by a lot of netizens. A netizen said, "even the animal knows that there is difficulty to find the police" and "police brother back warm cry" and "warm Chengdu big cold".
  At the same time, there are also people asking questions: how is this dog now? Did you find the owner? The police who will take it for adoption? To this end, the reporter found the police brother.
  Taihan days wandering dog came to "help"
  "I happened to be on duty at the time." Huang Peng said, on the same day, he and the police are in charge of Near East Shuncheng Street intersection, as usual, to ease the traffic command.
  "In the evening peak, the traffic flow is bigger." At about 6:20 that night, Huang Peng said, he walked through the intersection and found a colleague's police under a white but dirty ordinary dog.
  "When it sees me coming, I stand up and wagging its tail." In order to be safe, he took the dog to the roadside street. "I thought he would leave, but I didn't expect it to stay there when I was off duty, just like waiting for me to leave work."
  "It may be hungry, too." Then Huang Peng bought a ham sausage, but the dog didn't eat it, but he kept behind him. He saw someone in front of the box and didn't go away after eating the box. "I asked the man who was eating, could he throw a few slices of meat and vegetables to eat it, and when the dog ate some, it began to jubilate.
  "I intend to adopt it and hit home"
  "At first, I thought it was a neighborhood, but I didn't know it in a circle, and someone said it was a nearby wandering dog." Huang Peng said he took the dog to a friend's home near the two ring road that evening. "Friends have dog food here, and my family is far away from Wenjiang."
  On the afternoon of the 22 day, the reporter went to a friend's house with him. "Yesterday has been sent to play a vaccine, and also simply washed down." You can see in Huang Peng and friends under the care of the dog, quickly adapt to the new environment, in bed, on the ground and jumping around, "the friend will be on a business trip, I will take it to Wenjiang, ready to formally adopted."